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Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Integrated July 2012+SATA

Windows XP Professional SP3 (Direct Link)

Hi all users, many users request us to post a latest version of Windows XP available on the net and we promised them to post it as soon as possible, so today we're here to serve a latest and fully functional version of windows XP. This post contain no survey no ads etc. Enjoy !!!

Windows XP was released in October 2001, one of the most popular computer operating systems in the world is one that is said is more than four hundred million copies in use. However Microsoft has announced another major PC manufacturer to companies such as Dell, HP and Toshiba licensed the previous operating system installed on the computers will not productive, and from January 2008 will offer Windows XP on new computers.

The final version of Windows XP with service pack build number 5.1.2600.5512 is Tuesday, and all of this on a Windows XP Service Pack Tuesday or trial versions have all seen and heard, or due to having New updates were called as Service Pack Tuesday. The final version is no doubt that it is against you!has.

Windows XP Media Center Edition Windows XP Professional is also the fact that the additional features in multimedia systems, such as watching TV, viewing DVD and listening to music. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is designed to run on the Table PC platforms. The two 64-bit version of Windows XP are: Windows XP x64 Edition and Windows XP Professional x64 processors Tyanyvm for Windows XP x86-64 processors to improve performance and stability of previous versions of Windows, has been considered. In Windows XP, graphical user interface has been completely rebuilt and is very Karbrpsndtr previous versions of Microsoft Windows.

It is the first version of Windows XP product activation to combat software uses rules violations. Despite all the existing features, XP for security vulnerabilities, there are ancillary programs such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player in Windows by default and some areas of user interface, has been criticized by users. 
The original version of Windows, your home for home users and professional editing, professional and business users. In addition, Media Center Edition is also available.

The version of Windows XP that has been placed here for download, containing all the Microsoft updates are up to date 07.15.2012.

- Windows XP service pack three of the previous version does not appear any different from simply looking at the performance is much stronger and more professional.

- Ability to Windows Update and download the latest updates from Windows Update and Microsoft Windows operating system that you fully for the official Microsoft site and will be valid, it is possible!

Features of Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 Integrated July 2012 + SATA:

- Latest update to Windows XP Update May 2012
- Improved security in Internet Explorer
- Install the Microsoft Windows registry to 100% without serial number
- Having drivers for SATA (for SATA HDD problem identification and problem installing Windows XP installed on laptops)
- Raising the level to an acceptable level of security in Windows
- Increased speed when using Windows and Internet
- Without any additional software applications and
- No additional skins and themes and wallpapers non-original
- New Remote Desktop Connection
- Increased reliability and stability of Windows
- Remove the extra programs Windows Messenger and MSN Explorer
- Network Access Protection feature
- Features a black hole router detection
- Previous Windows and solve problems more quickly
- With all updates and everything is fixed
- Backporting features available in Windows Vista
- Previous Windows and solve problems more quickly
- With all updates and everything is fixed

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